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Serious question: “Do I Need Lube?”

In short the answer is yes! Listen, sexual wellness just had a glowup. Now is the time to invest in your sex life by leveling up with lube. Start by unhooking your bra and follow us…

Written On 4/11/2022

No matter who you are or what you like in the bedroom, start including lube.

Having good sex takes work. As magical as our bodies are (seriously those things work hard in crazy ways), there is no one size fits all on how to enjoy sex with your partner. Finding what works for you takes trial and error, and a little help from some friends like… lubricants AKA lube!

Does your vagina feel dry?

For those of us with vaginas, it can take a bit longer to get aroused. It’s not that we aren’t into it, it’s just that our bodies react slower. Adding in lube can also help avoid friction and unneeded discomfort.

P.S. Less friction equals less chance you pull a muscle. We know you haven’t been stretching as much as you should. (No judgement.)

Are you worried?

SELF magazine makes a good point that using lube will just help to ease an overall stress that might be inhibiting your arousal in the first place. If you're nervous about being wet enough, odds are it will impact your ability to be in the moment, and well, get wet. In comes lube to save the day.

Setting the mood can also help you settle into the scene and be less caught up in your thoughts.

(Pro tip: Try our sexy-time candle to help with this.)

Do you just want to spice things up?

Using lube can heighten and lengthen some of your foreplay. Don’t think of lube as something to be ashamed of. It exists for a reason: to help make your sex life better! Make sure to see if the lube you purchase works well with sex toys too as that will make it extra spicyyy.

One last tip before you get going…

There are so many types of lubricants to choose from, and it’s important to pay attention to the ingredient list because you might have allergies or sensitivities.

No fear.

Check out the sexual wellness brand Cake’s lube:

Or, there’s this water-based lube from Coconu:

Ok, this one from Maude is not only made with aloe and works with sex toys too, but the bottle looks like any ol’ body lotion:

Wait, things just got better. Lelo’s lube looks like a high-end perfume bottle:

See, we told you this was cool.

stay safe!